Storyteller. Horseman. Wounded Warrior.

In 2006, Sgt. Braxton McCoy (Ret.) while performing a security detail outside of Ramadi, Iraq, was severely wounded by a suicide bomber. Both his legs and arms were broken in multiple places, spine was fractured, had a number of fractured ribs, had bleeding on the brain, and a severed medial nerve to his right hand.  What followed was over two dozen surgeries and nearly a decade of physical therapy and rehabilitation. It was during his long term recovery, Sgt. McCoy twice served as a National Advocate for the Army Wounded Warrior Program, and twice as Veterans’ Advocate for the Coalition of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans in the District of Columbia. These four years as an advocate were focused on getting veterans back to work, as a meaningful way to outflank Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

As a result of his service he has been awarded several medals including an Army Commendation Medal with V Device for exceptionally valorous achievement in combat and a Purple Heart. 

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The Braxton McCoy Show
The Braxton McCoy Show
Braxton McCoy

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